Freaking Cat

Marcus will only eat turkey canned cat food (although he will eat bonito flakes).I’ve tried in the past to give him other things. I thought, “hey, chicken, it’s almost turkey!”

Apparently, chicken is the uncanny valley of turkey. He sniffed the food and then looked at me with a face of such unmitigated horror and betrayal, as if he were saying “Why do you hate me? What did I do WRONG?”

Thursday I tried turkey with salmon. 

He decided that I hadn’t fed him. 

I put bonito flakes on it.

He ate a little bit around the flakes, then threw it all up. 

So I figured I need to stop trying to give him non-turkey. I left for work; went out after; came home around 8.

All the food was gone. I guess he just needed some additional motivation.