I am a writer and a technologist who works with enterprise applications around semantics at a ginormous education publisher, where I’ve been for the past 13 years.

Originally a Medieval Studies major and Russian minor, the job prospects were just too good with that kind of degree so I transferred to major in waitressing1 to give myself more of a challenge.

In High School, I lived in Basse-Normandie which was amazing.

People sometimes think I’m an Apple fangirl, but in reality I just miss my PalmPilot.

I have read extensively in early Christian theology2 and in Buddhism and neo-Confucianism3 but my guiding moral principle is the Second Law of Thermodynamics: it takes effort to keep things from falling apart.

I apparently was born mostly without eyebrows.

Pictured above is me, with my cat M. Didius Fruitbat.


1. Theater Arts Performance.
2. cf. “Medieval Studies Major.”
3. cf. “Watches a lot of Sageuk.”*

Footnote of Footnote

* Also those two years I commuted 135 miles a day, three times a week—allwhile listening to Pema Chodron.