NaNo 13k.

Been enjoying writing but struggling to fit time in. A couple new things this year:

– scenes are set up at five per chapter, each scene at 1000 word goal.
– as it’s a fantasy novella, I’ve added a section where I can write short (about 500 words) myths legends and fairy tales. These will not only be helpful for the story itself, but as they’re outside the narrative flow I can write them when I don’t have access to my scrivener files.

day 11, 739

This week – for non-writing reasons – has not been good. It happens.

I was really excited about what i was going to write tonight – there was a great start, i really wanted to see where the story went. But I was drained. Tired. Just not up to it. I didn’t want to sit down at all, I wanted to curl up and read, or watch something stupid on netflix.

But writers write. That’s what you do. You write. There are no mental health days.

And sure, I may have not really written the scene – this should have been another 1k words, at least, but the last 250 was really just a bullet list of the sequence of events more than anything resembling story.

But I wrote.

Day Eleven, 12514

Almost caught up, but not quite. Just over 2000 words today, which takes me to 25% complete.

Unfortunately, that makes me still need almost 2000 words per day in order to keep up. But we’ll see how it goes. I need 25,000 words on Thursday, officially. If I can make 20,000, I’ll be happy. I did fairly well over this weekend–about 1800 words per day.

If I can, I’ll try to get another 500 words before sleep.